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Refined Marketing Strategies and Digital Advertising Automation

Our Philosophy

At Maolga, we endeavor to reach the highest standards in digital marketing, by bringing together our natural passion for creative advertising and deep business insight. We are determined and results-oriented, while at the same time value a personal, yet professional approach towards our partners.

The Maolga Solutions

Maolga’s services come as both stand-alone features and an end-to-end solution. We are just as happy building upon an existing venture, by trying to enhance its performance with specific digital marketing offerings, as we are to supervise its growth and earliest stages, starting from the ground up.

Maolga’s team can take care of both fundamental business challenges and more delicate puzzles, where experience and business acumen is extremely crucial. Our services revolve around two major verticals in Digital Marketing: Business Analyses and Development and Creative Advertising Strategies.

Business Analysis

Maolga performs detailed analysis on the business environment and competition in your sector, so you are fully aware of challenges when it comes to scaling your venture and operations. 

Content and Creatives

Our creative department consists of talented individuals, who quickly turn concepts and ideas in to smart and effective content for your advertising and marketing campaigns. 

Advertising Automation

Different audiences and demographics will be automatically targeted with specific adverts over various media channels and platforms, according to client behavior and segmentation. 

Campaign Optimization

Maolga carefully plans and constantly optimizes your digital marketing campaigns to make sure the right message reaches the right target market and audience. 

Social Media & Publishing

We always aim to attract potential customers with engaging content through the platforms they frequently explore such as social media, message boards and news outlets. 

Re-marketing and Promotion

Our efforts to achieve high conversion rates go further than simply advertising your product and services – Maolga’s marketing strategies include precise retargeting and promotion activities too. 

About Maolga

Maolga specializes in Digital Marketing services, which aim to assist your business, when you are looking for efficient resolutions to a spectrum of problems. Whether creative or technical, Maolga is capable to address a variety of digital marketing and business advertising obstacles.

Why Maolga

What our partners gain with Maolga is a personal, yet professional attitude. Our efforts start with fully understanding your business vision and goals. We then try to pinpoint specific areas, where our digital marketing solutions can help you improve your performance in terms of client conversion and retention rates. Finally, we will offer a range of technological tools to asses and analyse your progress. Maolga puts as much emphasis on solving complex business questions with hi-tech software tools as well as delivering outstanding, marketing creatives to attract more customers.



Maolga is always open to individuals, who wish to join and develop with us. Simply head over to our Careers page and see what positions are available. We also offer specific internships for those completely new to Digital Marketing strategies – an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of this dynamic industry.

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